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When bare escentuals announced that they were releasing pressed shadows I was so excited. When they launched and came with a sponge applicator I will admit I was disappointed. One of the main reasons why I was so excited about the pressed shadows was so that I could easily travel with my beloved BE, but with the sponge applicators I still had to bring extra brushes. So when I saw the holiday 8.0 palettes came with a double ended brush I knew I needed them…both. So I bought them at the preview sale because there was no way I could wait to have them.

So I have had both the playlist and the cocktail hour for a while now and I have to say, I have no complaints. While I have not traveled with them yet, they have been my go to eye shadow when I am at all in a hurry. Rather than having to find a bunch of different pots and opening them separately, I just grab this and all the shadows I need for a complete eye look in the palm of my hand. The colors are so pigmented and gorgeous. It comes with, Pumped, Chart Topper, Max Volume, Louder, One Hit Wonder, Most Requested, Remix, Speaker Box. So here are the pictures and swatches of the Playlist. (the cocktail hour is soon to come!)
Also the packaging is beautiful and festive!

Top Row: Pumped, Chart Topper, Max Volume, Louder

Bottom Row: One Hit Wonder, Most Requested, Remix, Speaker Box

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